Manalo Empire Photography

Quite a few people have asked how I chose my company name.  So I’ve decided to share that story:

Family is very important to my husband and I.  We try to visit both sides of our families as often as possible.  One afternoon, we brought our kids to play with their cousins at my in-laws. After sitting down, and chatting for a while, I glanced over at my father-in-law and noticed he had a huge smile on his face.  The kids were running around chasing each other and having a good ol’ time. My father-in-law then lifted up his hands, and exclaimed, “Look at my empire! I want to see my empire grow!”  We all laughed.  Not only was it comical, but I understood the desire to see one’s family, and circle of friends grow.  So from then on, my business was named: MANALO EMPIRE PHOTOGRAPHY.

The Business:
-I’ve always enjoyed photography. (I picked up my first camera in Jr. High.)
-I went through the program at Tri-Community Photography Center, mentorships, and self-training.
-In 2005 I decided to open up my business.
-In 2009 my business had progressed, and I wrote my first article that was published in Bridal Guide Magazine.
-In 2010, I was published in BodasUSA and several other magazines and blogs (please see press page for more info).
-I opened my first office.
-In 2011, I became a 5x print competition award winner.
-I became a credentialed photography instructor for Tri-Community.
-Various speaking engagements.
-In 2013 I opened my current studio space in Chino Hills, California.
-I also became the photography, business and design teacher at John Muir High School, in Pasadena.  
A Little About Me:
-I love my family,  friends, photography and life.
-I teach at John Muir High School and I LOVE it!   
-My guilty pleasure is boba green tea.
-I enjoy being creative and making people smile.
-I like to learn.
-Graduate of Azusa Pacific University.
-I’ve taken classes for my credential at both UCLA and USD.
-I have my CTE Credential in Arts, Entertainment & Media and Business & Finance

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Let’s meet so we can talk about you, and how I will capture the story of your day.