I know it must be difficult to find the “right” photographer.  However, there are many things to consider when interviewing potential vendors for your wedding day, or special occasion.  Here are a few Q & A’s to consider while you are on your search:

  • Are you the wedding photographer who will actually take our pictures?   Yes, unless you hire my associate photographers.
  • What is your style and are you willing to adjust to our needs?  If I say I’m ONLY one style, like photojournalistic, then I would sound to0 cliche’.  I’m a mix of different styles.  I like to find out about my client’s needs and tastes and discuss the best approach to their day.  But it basically boils down to this, “Do you want to look good?  Do you want beautiful, artistic images?  Do you want someone who will know when and where to be at the right time, and know how to use their equipment in any lighting situation?”  Then I’m your girl 😉
  • How long have you been a photographer?  Is this your job, or do you do this part-time?  I’ve always loved art, and taking photos.  But, I finally went into business for myself in 2005.  This is not just a job, but a love of mine.  So much so, I also teach it at JMHS!
  • Have you had any  training?  Yes, I went through Tri-Community, mentorships with various photographers, self-study and practice for my training.  I’m now a credentialed photography teacher. 
  • Are you familiar with the different styles and the technicalities of photography? Yes.  Knowing how to use your camera properly is huge!  I’ve seen other shooters work in auto.  This is not the way to shoot a wedding, especially because auto can not let you do all the cool effects you want to create, or be the right choice for every lighting situation.  Ever take a bad photo?  That’s why NOT to work in auto.
  • Do you edit the images? Yes.  My imagery is everything to me.  I’m not happy unless my clients are happy.  That’s why I do all of the editing myself.  I take pride in my work, and what my clients think is my first priority.  I want your images to look fabulous, and nothing less.
  • Do you belong to any associations, have any awards, or other pertinent information that would be useful in making our decision? Yes, I belong to PPA, WPPI, and NAPP.  I’ve won 4 photographic accolades of excellence from WPPI, and 1 from Punto Magazine. 
  • What type of equipment do you use?  Do you have more than one camera, i.e. back-ups. I’m a Nikon girl 😉  But, as the saying goes, it’s not the camera so much as it is the person behind it.  I ALWAYS have back-up equipment.  I shoot with two cameras, one on each arm (one telephoto, one wide-angle). That way, no matter where I am, I can get the shot.
  • What type of images can we expect?  Do you have a website, gallery, slideshow or albums we can view of a whole wedding from beginning to end? You can expect beautiful imagery that details the story of your day.  Let me show you in our consultation.  I have many weddings from beginning to end.
  • Do you require a meal at the reception?  Yes, for myself and my assistant/2nd shooter.  A wedding is a long day.  We get hungry 😉  

Aside from all of those things, some other things to consider are: 
Is the person friendly?
How do they get the shots?  Are they unobtrusive, or are they paparazzi-style shooters?
How is their demeanor?  They aren’t going to be barking orders at the bridal party during formals are they???
Do they dress professionally, and display their work as such?
Do I trust them?
Are they accessable by email, phone or a social networking site?
What do the reviews say?
Are they on time?
What is the required deposit?  Do they take cash, check, or credit?
Do they have a contract and business insurance?
For more information and to set-up an appointment, please call (626)552-2092
-Lucy Manalo